Henry Hyde (Uncommon Nasa Remix)

by Tomorrow Kings

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An exploration into the darkness found within all of mankind.


Chorus: I’m not sure anymore who keeps unlocking my door.

W.J.T.G : My mirror image seems shiftless. Dicky Trickster. Shadow Lancing mister. Fire dancing prick stir. Pimp in a fiery fur. My dreams seem less like a blur. More like sleepwalking. The camera told me what had occurred. A bunch of niggas shit talking. Left the whole scene in a stir. Blood on my sleeve, as it was. Nathaniel Grey Dorian Wash. Dark Phoenix Pyromaniac spark. It’s funny what you see in the dark. The money only steams when it’s dry. For fill my color schemes when I’m high. The truth we mix with acid when we lye. I see thru this plastic when it’s dry. Disastrous activity, mystery in mind. Decaying in captivity, cavities in my eyes that I throw these darts into. My hearts protective scar tissue.

C.S. :No official count but it's estimated over a hundred decimated. Finger nails and stray ponytails left the basement. That day a sea of eyes watched and washed me away. I stop and I say, "I didn't mean to hurt you." You look at me and say a demon cursed you! I think about how it was seen in her shoes. The man you thought you knew had skeletons upon the roof. Wonder if you're still his flower in the attic. How is this a savage beast when love pours out of his cheeks and his chest? His heart once stopped for me now it beats for the flesh. Yes! I’m a beautiful mess. Splash their color paint on sheet canvases. Confess to these damages. I stand a man who just regrets the way that he manages. Coulda got away. What if you never caught me? Bundy loved to kill women. I just love to kill them softly. I can't help it. It's so hard to get 'em off me.

S185 :You can get used the smell. It only sticks to thoughts. Screams die, gurgles fade. Meantime, crows gather, eyes dry out. Used to be quiet. Now I don't speak. There’s a difference with reach gripping. Hunting those who see victims tailor fitted for) daytime abduction. Children? Never! Women? Never! Building. Feeling dizzy? Really dizzy? That’s the serum in the coffee you sipped as you watched her skip. Barrettes shiny in light. You thought I'd forget? Always 6 or 7. 2 miles away for your house. Found blood stains on your couch, plus panties. Now there’s a meathook in your mouth. That could've been my niece. Now I'm naked. Hatchet. No blood on my jeans. Maybe then it'll stop their screams, they follow me sleep. All 30 of them wanting to go home, chained to your lawn. Dead seeds growing like weeds in a Dead Sea City. Shred the gut flesh slow and one by one they float. "Thank you" echoes. By the last one? I hamburger the pervert. Burned the body. Wore the ash out into the rain so his mud is fed to the rats. As I evade the police, I see another orphan garden and laugh.


released 24 February 2015
Produced by: Uncommon Nasa
Vocals : Wizard Jenkins The Great, Collasoul Structure & SKECH185



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